Aluminium Single Width Mobile Tower ( Model AL – 151 )

Description : A combination of Ladder and Safety work platform for 4 persons, Alco Scaffolding can be assembled / dismantled with in a shot time with out any tools kit it can store in small space. All are detachable.

Also Scaffolding component are alloy Aluminium fully welded and strong unshakable can not twist or break and have a high load bearing capacity long lasting and maintenance free.

Available additional ‘H’ Frames, Horizontal braces, diagonal Braces, Platforms, Stabilizers, Breakable & Adjustable Board, Staircase Ladder, Cantilever & Store trolley with Toe bar handle to store and lock all the material

  • Scaffolding Width: 750mm
  • Scaffolding Length: 1800 mm, 2500 mm and 3000mm
  • Working Height : 4500mm, 13450mm
  • Loading Capacity: 200 kg


  • The single-width scaffolding tower fits a single platform per level and is ideal for accessing heights where space is constrained.
  • Option to work at several heights and one time, by using additional platforms.
  • Minimal storage space, due to less number and size of parts.


  • Installation works
  • Maintenance
  • Ceiling and A/C work
  • Painting contractors
  • Construction work
  • Industrial use
  • Cleaning jobs
  • Shafts and narrow work area

Available Sizes : Free standing 6ft. to 60ft., Supported up to 500ft.

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